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Farmhouse Furniture, Farmhouse tables, chairs, beds, sideboards.

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Farmhouse Tables

We aim to deliver your tables within 6 weeks. If access is an issue we have a detachable leg option for £40. This allows the tables to enter through the smallest of openings, yet maintain quality and strength. It is important you make sure any tables without detachable legs will fit into the intended property and room.

See below for many of our different options and combinations you are able to order.

Call 0115 920 7595 with your order and the below choices.

Our different top options

Our most popular top. Handcrafted from solid pine typically to a thickness of 32mm. Made up of planks usually over 8" in width. This top wears a profile rounded groove between each plank giving you that authentic old plank table look. The profile defines each plank showing they are wide boards. The planks remain new, you get a few knots and the odd distressed mark.

Available in thickness: 32mm (1¼)

Typically waxed with our supreme rugger brown colour. Other colours and finishes are available.

Solid Farmhouse Plank Tops

Farmhouse Plank Top

Handcrafted from solid pine typically to a thickness of 32mm. Similar to the farmhouse plank top just without the profiles between the boards. We use wide boards to make up the top but it is sanded down to one large slab of wood. The top remains free from distress but you will see a few knots.

Available in thickness: 32mm (1¼)

Typically waxed with our supreme rugger brown colour. Other colours and finishes are available.

Solid Slab Pine Tops

Slab Top

Our unquie pine rustic tops are handcrafted usually from 32mm thick boards that are over 8" wide. We have developed our own method to simulate reclaimed material while using stable timber. You get the same distressed rustic look with material which lasts longer and is less prone to warping. This top has a profile between the jointed boards.

Available in thickness: 32mm (1¼)

Typically waxed with our Tudor colour. Other colours and finishes are available.

Solid Pine Rustic Plank Tops

Rustic Reclaimed Top

Once again our Oak tops are handcrafted using the finest grade of oak into large slabs. Oak is a very durable and beautiful timber which will last a lifetime. The quality of our oak top brings a feel of luxury to the room. The extra smooth finish is silky to the touch and the different grains pop showing natural beauty.

Available in thickness: 30mm. (1 1/4)

Typically finsihed with an oil that brings out the beauty. Other finishes are available.

Solid Oak Slab Tops

Oak Top

Choose legs

5" Turned

5 inch turned legs

5" Detachable Turned

5 Inch detachable legs

5" Refectory

5 Inch refectory legs

4" Turned

4 Inch turned

4" Turned Detachable

4 Inch detachable legs

4" Tapered

Tapered legs

Square Legs

Sqaure Legs

A Frame

A Frame Legs

Metal Hairpin Legs

Hairpin Legs


Choose Colour / Finish

Typically we offer colours from Farrow and Ball. You can also have your product fully waxed or even bare.

Click here to view our colour swatch

We are not limited to Farrow and Ball. If you wish for your order to match a different paint you have used around your home or fancy something else, ask and we will do our best to accommodate.

Pricing Table

See below for standard table prices. For bespoke sizing please call us on: 0115 920 7595


  • 4ft (121cm)
  • 5ft (152cm) 
  • 6ft (183cm) 
  • 7ft (213cm) 
  • 8ft (244cm) 
  • 9ft (274cm) 
  • 10ft (305cm) 
  • 11ft (335cm) 
  • 12ft (366cm) 

34" Wide (863mm)


  • 4-6 
  • 6-8 
  • 8-10 
  • 10 
  • 10-12 
  • 12-14 
  • 14 

Pine Tops

  • £472
  • £524
  • £556
  • £661
  • £766
  • £871
  • £1029
  • £1134
  • £1239

Oak Tops

  • £708
  • £762
  • £795
  • £959
  • £1068

42" Wide (1068mm)

Pine Tops

  • £524
  • £576
  • £619
  • £724
  • £829
  • £934
  • £1082
  • £1187
  • £1292

Oak Tops

  • £762
  • £817
  • £861
  • £1013
  • £1122
Need a width or length not in our price guide? Not a problem, this is only a guide, simply request a quote. We can make these tables to nearly any size requirements.
0115 920 7595
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Square Framed Tables


  • 4ft (122cm) 
  • 5ft (152cm) 


  • 4-8 

Pine Tops

  • £503
  • £629

Oak Tops

  • £741
  • £871

Round Pedestal Tables


  • 47" (120cm) 
  • 51" (130cm) 


  • 4-5 

Pine Tops

  • £524
  • £629

Oak Tops

  • £762
  • £871

Upgrades / Extras







Expanding Tops

Expanding table

Ready to order? :- Call us on 0115 920 7595.